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2019 Round-up

How has 2019 treated you?

Here at Fluxaxis, our year has been incredibly busy. It’s also been creative. And actually, pretty exciting!

From a projects point of view, we started the year with automotive parts. We’ve continued with builds for the rail industry, prototypes and the 3D printing of any number of different functional parts. On the other end of the spectrum, we’ve continued to work with new artists on exciting, creative sculptures.

You couldn’t get more diverse! Here’s a quick round-up of our 2019 highlights.

In the Lab

Early this spring, we had a visit from the team at SYS who came to film us talking about our unique Fortus 900 upgrade. No one else in the UK can offer the range of materials that we can with this machine and certainly no one else undertakes the variety of projects we do! From large-scale sculptures to parts for engineering. You can watch their video, here.

Still on kit: fast forward to the end of November and we announced another addition to our Lab, the Stratasys F900. We’re so excited about this printer – and the materials it offers. There’s a growing demand for production-grade custom 3D-printed tooling and parts and this is the ultimate manufacturing production-grade printer for the job.

New kit, new materials and…

New People!

As our Lab gets bigger, so does our team. Printing Technician, Raj, joined us back in 2018 and this year has seen Jon joining us as an Account Executive, working alongside James. We’ll be introducing Jon properly on our social channels in 2020 so keep an eye out!


We’ve been making them and helping win them!

Awards are a good fit for 3D printing. The technology is great for realising unique, intricate designs that really stand out and make the recipient feel they’re holding something special. This year, we’ve printed and applied beautiful copper finishes for trophies for Diageo and Autodesk. We’ve also helped our client Signs Express, win a British Signs Award for Innovation…

Signs Express asked us to help recreate two distinctive bull pub signs to replace ones that had unfortunately been stolen. We scanned the original bull model, (that resided safely behind the bar), before printing two copies on ourMassivit 1800. These copies were, in fact, more accurate than the original fibreglass models that had been stolen – as well as being cheaper by a margin of 50%. Watch the ‘making of’ video here. Signs Express made great use of our Massivit’s capabilities and we were delighted that they won an award!

Category-defying Artists

We love working with artists. As we outlined in one of our blogs, art is about pushing the boundaries, playing with new ideas, methods and technology. It’s extraordinarily varied work and really sets us apart from other 3D printing companies. This year we featured in a podcast, ‘Behind the Design’ with Michael Eden (you can have a listen, here) and also worked with multi-media digital artist, Rayvenn D’Clark on a life-sized contemporary figure, realised in white ASA. You can watch the video, here.


Back in April, if you visited Develop 3D Live, you may have caught a talk by Tim Leigh, a Director at the Stage One Group, a group that includes Fluxaxis. Tim talked about the unconventional route that gave rise to Fluxaxis and reflected on how the business has grown and headed in unexpected directions.

‘’We always knew Fluxaxis’s proposition offered something unique. We sought out projects in five main sectors but were surprised with the apparent polarisation – it seems either end of the industrial-creative spectrum love what we offer. Clients in the Advanced Manufacturing sector can get prototypes or functional parts quickly, while artists and designers really relish the opportunities for creativity that 3D printing offers.”

And talking of shows, if you visited the TCT Show in September, you may well have come across our stand. Not only did we have a great time, we also had a great response from a whole plethora of current and future clients and collaborators. It was great to meet so many of you.

So, what’s in store for 2020?

Back to that pub sign – and Tim Leigh’s talk at Develop 3D.

“At the moment, retail, brands, corporate events and the entertainment industries are either hampered by tiny budgets or love what they see but are not quite brave enough take the new [3D printing] direction. Yet.’’

Could 2020 be the year we drop the ‘yet’? With a 3D printed pub sign winning an award for Innovation, we certainly think so!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at Fluxaxis!