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3D printing in costume and film

3D printing is often used to make masks and decorative pieces for film and media. Ironhead studios, the creator of all Marvel costumes and Daft Punk helmets, uses SLS printing to create costumes perfectly suited to their celebrity owners. Ironhead studios is run by costume legend Joze Fernandez and his team of designers and artists. In an interview about his work he said " This (3D printing) is great because we can make the pieces modular so that if something breaks or doesn't fit, we can print another and replace it".

We decided to put our HP Jet Fusion 4200 to the test and recreate some masks of our own. We chose Star-Lord and the classic masked villain, Darth Vader. The Star-lord mask was created in 3 parts, all printed in one batch. The HP was able to print all 3 parts in 24 hours, ready for post processing and painting.

We then tasked our finishing team with painting the mask fully to film specification. Within a working week they had created a masterpiece, a perfect recreation. This was a great success for us as it proved that we could create a fully functional, sturdy, expertly finished mask in just over a week.

After our success with Star-Lord we started work on Darth Vader. This mask took a bit more work due to the extra complexity of the mouth guard/breather and the overall shape of the helmet. But as with Star-Lord, within a day, it was printed and ready for finishing. Our finishing team recreated the glossy black and detail of the helmet with ease and finished our set in great time.

This R&D project was a great learning experience for us. We are now confident that we can create costumes suitable for cinema, music, theatre and media in a very short space of time. All within our own team, from modelling to final painting.

If you need a costume of any size or shape, whether it’s for comic-con cosplay or professional cinema. We are certain that we can help you create your dream from CAD model to final product. If you are interested in our services please contact us here.

For more information on Ironhead Studios visit this article.