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3D Printing Innovation: Manufacturing

As a tool for driving innovation, 3D printing is heading in all sorts of unexpected and exciting directions. Take manufacturing. There are 3D printing applications in just about every market segment and at every stage of manufacture. From end-use parts to production line components; customised packaging and display, to prototypes. The innovative use of 3D printing in manufacturing is both accelerating and diversifying across all markets.

With regards to 3D printers, the HP Multi Jet Fusion (HP MJF) machine stands out as the most serious player, delivering quality, speed and cost advantages over competing technology. Through HP’s MJF technology, 3D printing has truly evolved from technology for prototyping to a serious tool for manufacture and a springboard to further innovation.

At Fluxaxis, we’re experiencing increasing demand for end-use parts for diverse market segments. We’re also noticing that interest from our manufacturing customers has developed from testing the water with one-offs, to placing orders for large numbers of parts. Their confidence has grown. Exhaustive testing to characterise properties and, crucially, the repeat-ability of properties, has led not just to to a surge in order quantity but also the variety of applications.

A recent shift for us has seen the increased production of components for packaging production lines. Day-to-day consumer goods like bread, cosmetics and drinks are packaged in their billions on sophisticated production lines, themselves made up of many different components. 3D printing enables new functionalities, greater customisation of packaging and reduced time to market for new products, since new components can be made rapidly and without any tooling costs.

As a pioneering and early adopter of additive manufacturing technology, we’ve grown in our understanding of the latest manufacturing applications. We work in close collaboration with HP to continuously develop and hone the quality of our additive manufacturing capability.

If this blog has sparked any ideas about how 3D printing could benefit your business, please get in touch. We’re ready to meet your needs!