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Additive Manufacturing is Booming

Additive manufacturing is booming, according to a range of industry indicators, such as the report published by the respected additive manufacturing consultants, Wohler Associates Inc. The Wohlers Report 2018 shows that the 3D printing industry grew by 21% in the 2017/18 reporting period. That's an increase of $1.25 billion in 2017.

Other signs include BMW Group's recent investment of €10 million in their Additive Manufacturing Campus. Siemens also recently announced an investment of £27 million in their Additive Manufacturing Centre in Worcester.

New additive manufacturing equipment from Hewlett Packard (HP) and Stratasys is on the horizon too. A colour machine from HP is due to come out soon, as well as new materials like Nylon PA11 and TPU. Stratasys have trumpeted the launch of a new technology under the brand 'evolve'.

The advantages of additive manufacturing are increasingly being picked up by companies large and small across a spectrum of applications and market segments. It makes for exciting times at Fluxaxis. We have the most capable additive manufacturing machines available and we serve diverse market segments. We are finding a huge growth in enquiries across the board.

A new supply chain ecosystem is forming. Major players like Jabil have created their own network, with HP's MJF at forefront of the offering. An exciting future beckons, enabling new levels of product innovation, speed of production and economy. Additive manufacturing frees companies to bring out new creative designs without the traditional inhibitor of tooling.

Please get in touch to see how you can benefit from the step-change in production possibilities provided by additive manufacturing.