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Artist in Residence with Fluxaxis

British-Columbian artist Matthew Plummer-Fernandez is starting as Artist in Residence with Fluxaxis. Matthew joins us in collaboration with York Mediale 2018, a brand-new UK festival, providing a showcase for leading international digital artists and the best emerging media art talent. He will be producing a digitally-fabricated commission, which will be manufactured and installed by Fluxaxis.

Plummer-Fernandez specialises in digitally created works, internet art and installations. His works reflect on the contemporary entanglements between people and the technologies that they use in everyday life, exploiting humour, chance and engagement. The Pompidou Centre in Paris have acquired seven sculptures from two series of work - Digital Natives and Disarming Corruptor, after Matthew participated in their exhibition 'Imprimir Le Monde'.

The project marks the first time that Fluxaxis has collaborated with an artist in this way, demonstrating the intersection between art and industry. It will explore the future of manufacturing, digital fabrication and the creative potential of 3D printing, enabling Plummer-Fernandez to develop work with the world-class facilities available at Fluxaxis.

His practice is specifically concerned with developing new software that expands on the possibilities of the 3D printing medium, and this new piece will demonstrate the sheer potential of digital manufacturing technology to create rich, complex forms at a massive range of scales.

Watch this space to see how Matthew's exciting artist in residence programme with us develops. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have art of your own that you would like us to produce too.