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Collaborating with Leading Digital Artist, Michael Eden

Fluxaxis is currently collaborating with leading digital artist, Michael Eden, producing his new work using our Hewlett Packard Multi Jet Fusion. Fluxaxis has produced pieces for Michael's recent exhibition 'Form & Transform' at Waddesdon Manor. The exhibition involved Michael pushing materials and digital technology to new extremes, making new pieces in response to items in Waddesdon Manor's extensive collections. The exhibition been presented in association with Adrian Sassoon.

Michael Eden works by digitally manipulating 3D scans of existing antique ceramics and realising them through 3D printing. The complex forms that Michael creates can only be achieved by 3D printing, as the process is able to capture extraordinary, intricate detail.

Fluxaxis collaborated with Michael to finish each piece to his and Adrian Sassoon's exacting requirements. The finishes included colour-matched soft-touch rubber coatings and gold leaf. Our in-house team of specialists applied all of the finishes. We provided 3D scanning too using our HandyScan 3D scanner, which is ideal for capturing fine detail and is also quick and flexible to use.

Michael had previously worked using the SLS process, however, the Multi Jet Fusion process was able to achieve more detail and more robust parts. The Hewlett Packard Multi Jet Fusion makes parts in Nylon P12 with properties comparable with parts made by the injection moulding process.

Fluxaxis is working with numerous other artists too. Please get in touch if you are a digital artist, or even a more traditional artist, and would like us to work with you.