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Digital Manufacturing for the Built Environment

Edwin Stokes is speaking today to the acclaimed architects Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners about the opportunities presented to the built environment by Digital Manufacturing. Making functional complexity at scale is now real. Designers are no longer bound by traditional methods of making - it's time to open your minds to new creative design solutions!

New ways of working – new ways of designing

Invited by RSH+P to present his ideas on creative manufacture, Edwin’s talk was fully subscribed and attended by over 40 architects. He showcased various collaborative projects, focusing on digital manufacturing and making at scale, outlining the unique capabilities of Fluxaxis:

“RSH+P provide a really friendly, creative and positive working environment. Their people are incredibly receptive to new ideas and ways of working and it’s great to get such a positive response to the presentation.”

Besides giving the low down on the different applications and opportunities offered by each of our very different 3d printers, Edwin talked about how new approaches to design thinking can best harness this emergent technology. The increasing availability of different and innovative materials further complements the compelling mix of potential offered by digital manufacture. Add this to our ability to work at scale and you have something really exciting.

If you’d be interested in Edwin giving a presentation – get in touch!