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Exciting Developments at the TCT Show

The recent TCT Show at the Birmingham NEC demonstrated exciting developments. 3D printing / additive manufacturing is maturing fast. Machines, materials and services are higher quality, more efficient and more versatile than ever. The additive manufacturing industry is truly starting to bloom.

Additive manufacturing is further establishing as a new production process. 3D printing makes new designs with increased performance possible. Additive manufacturing provides savings in time to market and opens up the possibility of mass-customisation.

Major blue-chip companies, such as adidas, are now exploiting these benefit for real products, not just for prototypes. Additive manufacturing is set to bring about a second industrial revolution.

Carbon 3D, for example, offer a new technology for the mass production of end-parts in a range of polymers. Similarly, companies like Arcam EBM ustilise metal 3D printing to make jet engine housings and rocket motor nozzles.

We, at Fluxaxis, give you access to additive manufacturing with a wide range of capabilities and cutting-edge equipment. Our Hewlett Packard Multi Jet Fusion 4200 gives you the opportunity to rapidly produce end-use parts using nylon PA12. Likewise, our Fortus 900mc and Fortus 250mc can make engineering parts for demanding applications using a range of high performance thermoplastics.

Please contact us to benefit from the latest technology for 3d printing and additive manufacturing.