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Fluxaxis in the News!

It's been 15 months since we started Fluxaxis and we are busier than ever and working on a far greater diversity of projects than we ever thought possible. We've also seen a fair bit of media coverage and thought we'd round up the best bits and share them with you here.

Earlier in the year, Tanya Weaver interviewed Fluxaxis Director and Materials expert, Edwin Stokes, for the 'Where I Work' feature in Develop 3D magazine. We're extraordinarily lucky to work alongside our sister company, Stage One, allowing us to share their specialist facilities and knowledge on some of our more creative 3D printing projects. You can read the article and take a look inside our Labs, here.

We've always known that digital technology presented a vast wealth of untapped potential, not just for industry and prototyping but as a new tool for artists. This year we worked closely with world-renown artist, Michael Eden, printing and finishing a series of incredibly intricate pieces for his exhibition 'Form and Transform' at Waddesdon Manor. Michael used the collections at Waddesdon as inspiration, re-imagining historical objects and interpreting them for the 21st century. He worked closely with Fluxaxis 3D Production Engineer, Jake Augur and describes the process in Journal 18:

''The relationship with the technician is fundamental, as he not only has to check that the data is free of errors but also understand that the relationship between my artwork and the original is important and that the quality of the print and its subsequent finishing treatment needs to be perfect.''

Working with Michael was tremendously rewarding and the pieces are stunning, as you can see in this video trailer of the exhibition.

Just last week, Jake was interviewed for The Manufacturer magazine and talked about our range of advanced 3D printing machines and our ability to produce products and parts on any scale. ''No one in the world has the range of machines we have all in-house. Usually people have the HP or the 900, they never have the Massivit, HP and 900 all together under one roof.” You can read the full interview here.

When we started business back in May 2017, we also collaborated with York Mediale to launch a funded residency programme, seeking to find an artist or collective who were active in the field of critical making and 3D printing. It's been an honour to work with artist Matthew Plummer-Fernandez on a brand new public work that will be revealed during the Mediale festival in September. If you're in Paris, you can see some of Matthew's work at the Pompidou Centre. Closer to home, you can read more about his collaboration with us and York Mediale in the Yorkshire Post, here.

If you have a project you think we could help with, please get in touch.