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Fluxaxis is different. Meet the Team and find out why...

We know Fluxaxis is different to other 3D printing companies. And if we’ve had the pleasure of working with you, we hope you’ve noticed too. We pride ourselves on offering great customer service (unusual in the engineering-led AM sector, our clients tell us). We also work collaboratively with many clients, a process that gives rise to some of the best creative solutions and makes sure we utilise the unique capabilities of each printer. We also like to demystify the 3D printing process (really, it’s not as complex as it might initially seem). But when it comes to our team, it’s the diversity of experience and skills that really sets us apart.

Here’s the team.

David Ryan: Sales Director

David’s focus lies in delivering great customer service and demystifying the 3D process for clients by introducing them to the huge potential of our printers. His career began in 2D printing where over the course of three decades, he saw the industry evolve and embrace the digital. He’s brought his 2D experience to bear in the 3D world and sees many similarities in the pace and direction of technological change.

“3D is definitely following the same line as 2D. When screen printing began to be replaced by large format digital printing, the machines were very slow, the quality wasn’t great and the inks were very expensive. Then machines got faster, the quality improved and the inks came down in price and in just ten years, the market share of digital went from 5% to 99%. The same is happening in the 3D world – it’s an exciting time to be working in the 3D printing industry!’’

David finds that the unique capabilities of our Lab are a significant point of difference from other 3D printing companies. Our giant Massivit 1800 is one of only three in the UK; our HP Multi Jet Fusion and our Stratasys Fortus 900 with its 20+ materials, are similarly a rare offering for a bureau service.

‘’Many clients are not quite at the point where they want to take the leap and invest buying a printer themselves. That’s where we step in and not just fill the gap, but also apply our expertise and work with them to get the best results.’’

Jake Augur: Production Manager

The creative driving force behind Fluxaxis, Jake managed to juggle six years’ education in Art, Design and Craft with working part time in Stage One’s CAD team AND learning all he possibly could about 3D printing in his ‘spare’ time. And did we mention he was also part of Stage One’s original 3D Printing R&D Team?

‘’In the first year of my degree, I bought a Create Bot Mini. Back then, it cost about £500 but allowed me to experiment with printing widgets; testing the machine, its settings, my knowledge, the software, modelling... I ended up helping a local costume maker, printing and supplying superhero costume parts.’’

During his degree in Contemporary Crafts, additive technology was perceived as a controversial medium, but then as now, Jake is adamant it is just another tool, albeit one that allows you to create the ‘impossible’. His Art and Design background has proved invaluable for many of our clients, as artist and maker Michael Eden observed:

“Jake knows much more about the technology and the nitty gritty of the 3D printing machines than I do. He’s using different software, that analyses my artworks in a different way to the way I see them, so being able to have a conversation with somebody like Jake who understands what I’m trying to achieve is absolutely essential.’’

Simon Poon: 3D Production Engineer

Simon is the yin to Jake’s yang and provides the team’s engineering expertise. He studied an IET accredited Motorsport Engineering with Powertrain Systems course at Coventry University, before heading north to work at Econ Engineering and then Stage One, as a CAD Design Engineer. Back in 2014 when Stage One bought their first 3D printers, Simon was selected for training becoming the CAD team’s 3D printing specialist.

‘’My first 3D project for Stage One was for the Baku 2015 European Games opening ceremony. I was sent out to Azerbaijan together with the Fortus 250mc and a Steinbichler scanner, to help with the design development and modelling for some tricky automated scenic elements. These included a giant flying pomegranate and twenty mountain-themed stage lifts. Accuracy and precision were essential as we were dealing with moving parts that couldn’t clash or mesh and that’s what the 3D models helped deliver.’’

Simon joined Fluxaxis at our inception back in 2017. The best thing about working here? He says it’s watching the transformation of pieces that we finish in-house, in particular, the recent large-scale models of some very British animation characters.

James Moore: Fluxaxis Account Executive

Call us up for a quote and it will most likely be James who answers the phone. Working closely with Sales Director David, James is part of our customer-facing team. He looks after our clients and customers from the start, establishing exactly what’s required, what it’ll cost and then liaising with the production team. Having studied Writing, Directing and Performance at York University, James might seem an unlikely candidate for a 3D printing bureau, but his sales background combined with his experience as an exceptionally level-headed Estimator at Stage One (our sister company) made him the perfect candidate to join Fluxaxis. His favourite Fluxaxis project? Artist, Jam Sutton’s David and Goliath:

‘’This piece was big and intricate. Seeing it all come together was brilliant. It was not long after I joined Fluxaxis and it really gave me an insight into what this technology can do, creatively.’’

Raj Bhatoa: 3D Printing Technician

Day to day, Raj can be found in our lab at the 3D printing coalface: maintaining, cleaning and calibrating our printers before loading the build units, unpacking, blasting and cleaning the prints. He also liaises with our paint shop and finishing specialists, before eventually packing and dispatching to clients.

Although he’s been with us less than a year, he’s made a huge impression. Armed with a Business Information Systems degree, Raj fell into Marketing yet all the while his passion lay in 3D printing. He’s a real hands-on maker who fully engaged with the RepRap project and wound up building a succession of three 3D printers at home.

‘’To build a printer that could then print the parts to build another, better printer and repeat the process with a third? That was a real no-brainer for me! Visiting my first TCT convention in 2015 sealed my fate. I’m completely hooked on 3D printing technology and love working here.’’

(Photo L to R: Raj, James, David, Jake & Simon)

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