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Fortus FDM Spotlight

Our two FDM printers, the Fortus 900mc and the Fortus 250mc are the hard-working backbone of our 3D printing bureau. They both provide incredible, reliable and functional parts. Thanks to the software provided by Stratasys (Control Center and Insight) we have huge control over all aspects of the print, so we can tune it perfectly for all prints. This ensures accuracy and reliability across all jobs.

The Fortus 250mc is perfect for prototyping and small-scale manufacture. With a printable build size of 254x254x305 (XYZ), this printer is perfect for short manufacturing runs of small to medium sized bespoke parts. It uses ABSplus-P430, a durable long-lasting material that is available in a huge variety of colours and is suitable for almost all small scale jobs. This is the most cost effective printer in our arsenal thanks to its low power draw and use of widely available ABS P430.

The Fortus 900mc is an excellent machine, with an ultra large build size of 914x609x914 (XYZ) and a huge variety of materials available. Including ABS-M30 and the ultra-durable, heat resistant ULTEM (able to stay strong and stiff in temperatures up to 217 °C). The machine also boasts internal cameras and remote operation so we can keep it running smoothly at all times, ensuring that you get a perfect product.

Both of our Fortus machines use soluble support material. So, no matter how complex or delicate your design is, we can 3D print it and clear the support material with no damage to the final product, leaving you with a highly accurate model of your 3D design. Using caustic baths, we can remove even the most stubborn support material without leaving so much as a scratch on your product.

These printers allow us to fulfill your design ideas, quickly and cost effectively. No matter the size or complexity, our Fortus machines can handle it all with ease. They are the perfect choice for anything from aesthetically pleasing architectural models to high durability, heat resistant functional parts. These printers are a key part of our ever-growing 3D printing bureau, that are sure to serve us well for years to come.