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Magics and Robot Software Bring Benefits for Fluxaxis

Magics and Robot software bring benefits for Fluxaxis, increasing productivity, efficiency and providing new functionalities, like automatic labeling of parts. Magics is the industry leading software for processing files for 3D printing. It suites directly with our Hewlett Packard MJF capability and Stratasys Fortus machines in our lab.

Magics quickly fixes files ready for 3D printing and nests them for optimum builds. This enables us to provide quicker 3D printing services for our customers, as well as benefiting the efficiency of our business. Coupling Magics with Robot brings us automated fast preparation of files for printing and evaluation for quoting prices.

The pairing of Magics and Robot also enables us to add a new 3D print sales portal to our website. We are in the process of redeveloping our website to add this service for our customers in the near future. This will benefit our customers by providing them with a fast service for uploading files for quotes and purchasing 3D prints straightaway. Watch this space!

Magics compliments our other powerful file processing software, Spaceclaim, as well as our Hewlett Packard and Stratasys software, plus our CAD packages, ranging from AUTODESK Inventor to Rhino. We are able to process all major file types. We can model parts from scratch. We can 3D scan objects too, for that matter, with our Comet L3D or Handyscan 3D scanners.

If you would to know how our Magics software can benefit you, please get in touch, we'd be pleased to tell you more.