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Mass Customisation of Cars is Here

The mass customisation of cars is here now in 2018. Mini are set to offer individualised trim components using 3D printing through their 'Mini Yours Customised' offering. Customers will soon be able to design their own exterior and interior parts via a dedicated online configurator. The online shop guides the user through the various design and operation steps. This gives users free creative rein of the entire process. Mini has a distribution chain for direct customer sales for 'Mini Yours Customised' products.

The customised components will be 3D printed using Hewlett Packard Multi Jet Fusion and Carbon 3D technologies. At Fluxaxis we give our customers access to the same technology, since we have the only Hewlett Packard machine in the UK available for bureau work. Our Stratasys Fortus 900mc and 250mc machines provide industry leading end-use 3D printed parts too.

We 3D print using a range of engineering thermoplastics including Nylon PA12, ABS, PC-ABS and Ultem, as well as UV-curing acrylic (using our Massivit 1800 machine).

At Fluxaxis we also offer a range of finishing effects, including painting, metal plating and dye. We combine various materials and processes for complex projects too. This differentiates us from other 3D printing bureaus, since we provide an end-to-end service. We provide our clients with one port of call for quality management.

3D printing is rapidly being adopted for end-use parts across a range of market sectors, including automotive and consumer goods like sports apparel e.g. Adidas and Nike. The reasons why 3D printing enables mass customisation is because it can create almost any shape and negates need for tooling, therefore avoiding the cost and time associated with tooling.

Get in touch to see how Fluxaxis can help you. If you have a 3D model you can upload it here for a quotation.