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New 3D Scanner at Fluxaxis

We have a new 3D scanner at Fluxaxis: the Creaform Handyscan 3D. This new piece of equipment expands our 3D scanning capability, enabling us to perform faster 3D scans, whilst achieving metrology grade detail.

This scanner excels at scanning objects ranging in scale from a trainer to a car. It picks up fine detail, such as the weave of fabric. It is highly portable and quick to set up, making it versatile and efficient to use.

The Handyscan compliments our other 3D scanner -the Steinbichler Comet L3D - which specialises in scanning smaller scale items at incredibly high resolution and accuracy.

Please get in touch should you have interest in benefiting from this new capability or, indeed, combining it with our other services, such as 3D printing. We've scanned, scaled-up and 3D printed a trainer for a major sports brand using this technique, for example. Sculptures and prototype products are popular categories of items that we 3D scan for clients. Creating replica parts for classic cars is another strong application for the technology.