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One-of-a-kind 3D printed table

Recently at Fluxaxis we were tasked with creating a unique table for a client. They requested a one-of-a-kind 3D printed table, made using some of the most modern technology available. We delivered an amazing product that satisfied all the customer’s requests, and will surely be a centre piece for years to come.

We created the full-size table in 5 parts, using four of our machines. The HP Jet Fusion 4200, the Fortus 250mc, the Massivit 1800 and one of our CNC milling machines. Our Massivit was the star of the show, creating the largest parts of the table - the base and stem - in great time. This was all possible thanks to its incredibly large build area. The software included allows us to change the feed rate and nozzle speed on the fly and with some practice, this allows us to create overhangs and other complex features that we otherwise assumed impossible.

The table features a detachable top surface that allows for easy transportation and storage. This top was cut from Plywood using a CNC miller. The detaching mechanism itself was a more difficult affair, necessitating the use of two different machines.

We used our Fortus 250mc to create the male dovetail bracket that attached to the table top, while the female dovetail bracket was created using our HP Jet Fusion 4200. The HP was chosen for this task as it creates a piece that is very strong and therefore strong enough to support the wooden table top. The HP also has the best finish of all our machines, so the piece created was guaranteed to fit snugly.

Once the product was printed and tested we then finished it in-house, providing the client with a wide choice of finishes to fit any aesthetic desired. In the end, the client chose a clean white finish that nicely rounded off the build. Thanks to our in-house finishing team, we were able to do this at a very competitive price and in good time for the final delivery.

We are very proud of this product, it is a great example of how we can create a functioning piece exactly to the client’s specification no matter the size or complexity. It also provided us with some great experience to help increase our knowledge and grow our 3D printing bureau. If you are interested in making your idea a reality, please contact us at edwin@fluxaxis.com.