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Our Steinbichler Comet L3D Scanner is an amazing tool

Our Steinbichler Comet L3D Scanner is an amazing tool that allows us to take a physical object and accurately scan it onto cad software for easy 3D printing or for further design work. Recently we helped a client turn a hand sculpted prototype into a 3D design that they then used to create other parts that would accurately fit with the original model, all achieved within one day.

The Comet L3D scanner uses blue LED technology and variable lenses to measure products with a wide range of sizes and finishes. It is particularly good at measuring reflective and glossy surfaces that most 3D scanners would have difficulty with. It works by shining a blue LED onto the surface of the product, then using a highly detailed, ultra high(3296x2472) resolution camera to capture its perceived location on the product. This allows the camera to create a series of images and boundaries which it compiles into an .STL describing the shape of the original.

The main advantage of our Steinbichler scanner is that we can use it to precisely capture every minute detail of any given piece. For example, our client needed to know how far from flush a series of magnets were, as they had spent time aligning them for their specific use. We were able to satisfy this need very easily thanks to our scanners great accuracy.

3D scanners give you the freedom of being able to prototype your product by conventional methods, making small yet important changes as you go. While not worrying about reproduction and CAD modelling. The scanner can give you an exact copy of your piece with accurate dimensions allowing you to use CNC/3D printers and reproduce your product to the greatest degree of accuracy.

This is an incredibly helpful tool for us as a 3D printing bureau, because it allows us to go from a physical prototype to multiple final products (whether they be 3D printed or CNC machined) of equal quality to the original. All within our workshop, thus reducing turnover time.

For more information about Zeiss (formerly Steinbichler) 3D scanners visit their website here.