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Product Manufacture

Using our Hewlett Packard Multi Jet Fusion 4200, we've just made initial batches of barbers' products. 3D printing brings a host of new benefits for fast, economic and innovative product manufacture, at a range of scales.

Hewlett Packard's new MJF technology in particular, brings commercial and technical benefits to the 3D printing of production parts. This is due to the material properties, detail, speed and relative low cost of the MJF system. 3D printing now offers so much more than just prototyping; we can manufacture an item or run of items just days after finalising the design with the client. As an industry, 3D printing has eliminated the cost and time penalty of making tooling associated with injection moulding.

With MJF we build parts at up to ten times the speed of other 3D printing process such as SLS, FDM and SLA. This is because of Hewlett Packard's novel new process. MJF makes dense, high strength parts from nylon PA12. The 3D printer also recycles the unused nylon PA12 from every batch. We therefore produce no waste using this machine and as a result, manufacturing with this technology is highly sustainable.

Whilst MJF provides greater speed and detail than FDM, we also offer production ready FDM machines: our Fortus 900mc and Fortus 250mc. These machines produce end-use parts in a range of engineering thermoplastics, such as ABS, nylon, PC-ABS and Ultem.

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