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Putting our new Hewlett Packard Jet Fusion 4200 to work

Here at Fluxaxis we’ve been putting our new Hewlett Packard Jet Fusion 4200 to work making office furniture components. Thanks to the great speed of HPs new Jet Fusion technology and the streamlined processing stage we can make 30 pieces, each measuring 380mm long, in one day. And due to the great efficiency of the Jet Fusion we still have 80% of the unused powder recycled and ready to use again. The high precision of our new HP also allows us to include features such as fixing points and textured surface patterns.

HP’s Jet Fusion technology is much faster than standard SLS printing due to its use of an infrared absorbing spray that can cover an area much faster than a laser would. And precision is not forfeited thanks to a separate spray of an infrared reflector that gives the model a sharply defined edge.

One great advantage of 3D printing technology as a whole is that we can now create generative designs quickly and easily. Previously, using conventional techniques, we would have found this very difficult to do. Our HP takes this freedom a step further by using a technique that requires no support material. The surrounding powder acts as a support holding the product in place, allowing us to create breathtakingly complex designs with hollow sections and overhangs.

Due to the high density and strength of the nylon PA12 pieces created, this printer is not limited to prototypes only. It is perfectly suitable for production runs at high precision with great strength characteristics surpassing any current 3D printed polymer. This machine specialises in fast, cheap printing without losing any quality or precision, this is a great addition to our 3D printing bureau enabling us to rapidly create your product at the highest quality and for a competitive price.

For a full explanation of HP’s revolutionary Jet Fusion technology visit their website here.