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Sculpture 3D Scanned & 3D Printed

Last week at Fluxaxis we worked with two sculptors to digitally capture, reprocess and 3D print their art. Our clients / collaborators, Paul Bonomini and Alexandra Harley, brought us two initial pieces to work on, as part of a broader collaborative project.

The sculptures had complex overhangs and features that presented a challenge to scan. We used our Steinbichler COMET L3D to capture both models in high detail then converted them into CAD files we could subsequently manipulate and 3D print.

Using our HP Jet Fusion 4200, we 3D printed the models of both sculptures, simultaneously and cost effectively. The HP Jet Fusion's high-speed cooling process allowed us to cool and unpack the build box whilst the sculptors were with us (note that 80% of the unused nylon powder is recycled for reuse in the machine). After just a light grit-blast to remove residual surface powder, the 3D printed pieces were complete.

Artists and other clients can choose from a variety of finishes should they want to. We offer a range of finishes, including paint, other coatings and dyes, as well providing metal plating via a third party.

This exercise was a great start to our collaborative project. The next steps are to continue the integration of traditional artistic processes with digital capture and 3D printing, and ultimately realise a large sculpture together. We were able to take two complex, physical pieces of art, manipulate them and make them to the highest precision in only 3 days. This is a great new way of making art - both in terms of the artistic process and the physical realisation of the art.

This technology is useful for a broad spectrum of artists and artisans, who would traditionally make their designs by hand. Rather than traditional and digital disciplines being mutually exclusive, they can be combined to benefit from the creative opportunities offered by both.

If you are interested in our 3D scanning and 3D printing please contact us at edwin@fluxaxis.com