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SYS, HP, Massivit: Recent Industry Visits

Good relationships are important. At home, at work and in life in general, face-to-face meetings with real people help relationships flourish. For us, visits from the suppliers of our printers not only puts faces to names, it also makes good business sense (and feeds our rather nerdy need for knowledge at the same time).

In the past few months we’ve had visits from all three suppliers of our printers. We’ve had training, updates, questions asked and answered, new materials and possibilities explored. We’ve even been filmed. Here’s a round-up.

Massivit provided newest Fluxaxis team member, Raj, with training and also provided Simon and Jake with some advanced training. Our Massivit 1800 prints big and works fast (a substantial 3.5kg per hour, to be precise). Keeping up-to-date with the latest additions and developments keeps us agile.

With an eye on the future, HP came to show us what their new colour machines can do. We love keeping abreast of new developments, new ideas and new technology. 3D colour printing? Watch this space…

The team from SYS came to film us – in particular, our Fortus 900mc. No one else in the UK can offer the range of materials that we can with this machine. Our recent upgrade has put us ahead of the game and they wanted to talk about the rich diversity of projects this printer has seen – from large scale sculptures to parts for engineering. You can watch the video here.

Fluxaxis Production Manager, Jake Augur chatted to SYS, explaining how we use this printer: “The 900 can produce parts that are both large and highly detailed; at multiple layer heights and in a multitude of materials. So, especially when it comes to engineering, it’s the machine we focus on because we can offer a more bespoke, accurate material for our clients’ needs.”

Impressed – as all the team are – with the reliability of both our Fortus printers, good support from SYS is paramount. Jake explains: ‘’That speed at which we can have someone come out, diagnose and fix the issue is really important.’’

We get great support from all our suppliers. Enhanced, we’re pretty sure, by prioritising good relationships, face-to-face meetings and possibly that we also make a pretty good cup of tea.

We like meeting people. If you’d like to meet us (and sample our tea), please get in touch!