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The Full Scenic Treatment

For those who keep up with our stories on social media, you may already know what’s in our lab. We have our two Stratasys printers, the Fortus 900mc and the Fortus 250mc, with their renowned capability for producing durable, highly detailed prints with speed and ease. Then there’s our HP Multi Jet Fusion 4200, known industry-wide for its speed, precision and economy. And, of course, our Massivit 1800, a giant that can’t often be beaten on print size. You might not be aware, however, of the wealth of scenic and finishing capabilities right on our doorstep. In fact, under the same roof. As part of the Stage One Group, we have access to a whole world of high-quality and scenic finishing, putting us in the position of being able to provide a complete end-to-end 3D printing service, which includes: scanning, printing, priming and finishing. Because we encounter such a wide variety of projects, we need to be able to satisfy the equally broad range of variables regarding paint application, curing, durability of finish and appearance. Of course, if your project requires only one step in the process, that’s no problem. Just a scan, just a print, or the full scenic treatment – whatever the combination, we don’t mind.

Form a scenic point of view, there isn’t much the team can’t do. From block paint in a range of finishes, to textured and plated coatings. Our Pro-spray computerised paint mix system can mix over 60,000 colours in our High-Quality Finishing workshop, ensuring we meet your RAL reference requirements. Should you need a high shine lacquer, soft-touch, durable exterior paint or a textured finish, our scenic facilities can achieve high quality results - all as part of our 3D print bureau service.You’ll most likely have come across examples of the Stage One team’s amazing scenic finishing capabilities, though you might not have realised it at the time. From sets for television such as The Voice and University Challenge, to unique items such as a giant pound coin by the Thames, or a bespoke concept car for Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Globally, their work has featured in Olympic and Paralympic opening ceremonies including scenic set-pieces such as the vast and amazingly detailed Ice Breaker at the Sochi 2014 Winter Paralympics and the amazing copper-petalled London 2012 Olympic cauldron. Their knowledge of specialist finishes and extensive facilities are second to none. They’re also right on our doorstep and available to you.

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Scenic Treatment

Michael Eden's Form and Transform, at Waddesdon Manor.

Inside Stage One's scenic paint shop.

Jam Sutton's David and Goliath, at Dublin Castle.

Foil coated HP MJF 4200 prints.