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This Morning's Big 3D Print - Catch of the day

The first component of a scenic structure has just come out of our Massivit 1800. It's a big 3D print. This is one half of a giant fish head, which will ultimately take the form of an oversized carp to be used as a stage prop. We'll be printing the main body of the fish later this week. This will be given a scenic treatment used in a ballet performance which takes place in just a few weeks. We'll update the blog with photographs as the project develops.

This large-scale output was printed at blistering speed. In fact, we 3D printed a pair of these in only 90 minutes!!

Traditionally, this type of prop would be created by hand-sculpting polystyrene, or painstakingly creating moulds for the layup of fibreglass or other composite material. Whilst this is a very appropriate methodology, there are huge advantages of exploiting 3D printing technologies to do the same. These include increased accuracy and time saving. The machine will simply print directly from .STL files produced from CAD software. What you model is what you get.

From meeting our client at 9 am we had the printer producing the output the same morning. Turning digital files into physical output can now be done in a matter of hours. It has been fun to send photos of the output to our client, who had been looking at the model on his computer screen just a few hours earlier. The main advantages of the Massivit 1800 are speed and scale. Everyone who visits our facility is blown away by both its size and speed of operation. When used intelligently, the dual print head literally cuts print times in half.

Drop us an emailif you would like us to 3D print your designs fast - whether you've got a single large item or you want a bureau service to additive manufacturing lots of parts.