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We produced a 3D printed master of a Buddha sculpture for artist, Dominic Hawgood. The artist created a 3D computer model from processed images obtained from a photogammetric scan. After finding our 3D printing services, Dominic's model was then manipulated and optimised for printing. In order to achieve sufficient detail, it was printed on our HP Multi Jet Fusion 4200, which accurately replicated the deliberately skewed perspective of the design.

The artist used the print as a mould, casting the finished sculptures in Jesmonite. Once smoothed and finished, these formed part of the artist’s installation at FOAM (Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam). The exhibition, which opens in July, is Dominic’s first institutional solo show. It features a multi-disciplinary and on-going work called ‘Casting Out the Self’, combining ceremonial and ritual objects with a range of techniques including AR, photography, 3D scanning, sculpture and light.

“After researching thoroughly, I opted to use Fluxaxis due to the quality of the samples, their willingness to share valuable information about the print process, their interest in supporting artist practice, and for general professionalism. I was impressed with the quality of the print and the level of service, and the object that was output retained the details of the original file very accurately.” Dominic Hawgood.