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Car Grille

We manufactured this car grille as a replacement part for a discontinued vehicle. Since the car was discontinued, the replacement grille was no longer available to purchase, which is where our 3D printing services came to the rescue. Our team stepped in and were able to 3D print a replica, significantly extending the road-life of the car.

We were sent the original grille which we 3D scanned with our HandyScan 700. The files were then modified, before the brand new grille was printed on our Stratasys Fortus 900 FDM printer. The choice of print medium and printer were important in order to achieve a part that would be both durable and road worthy. The grille was printed in a black ASA, a thermoplastic material that is currently superseding the more commonly used ABS. ASA matches and even exceeds the mechanical properties of standard ABS but also has a greater heat resistance and offers exceptional UV stability. Important factors for a car part exposed to the full effects of the British weather.

The Stratasys Fortus 900 provided a quick turnaround, printing three 47cm by 13cm pieces in just twelve hours. Printing a replacement part was a surprisingly affordable option. Providing an economical service and keeping costs down, meant our client could keep a car on the road that might otherwise have been scrapped. From an environmental perspective, the 3D printing of spare parts makes a lot of sense!