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Cartoon-styled Spice Rack

This bespoke request came from a private individual who was interested in getting a scenic paint finish applied to a 3D model that they were presenting as a birthday present. Inspired by a model from an animated show, the piece was printed in ABS using the FDM process.

Our in-house paint department primed and sanded the material to a smooth surface finish, filling in the layered effect, and applied a coating of orange, matt paint, with the finer details reworked in with darker tones to achieve the desired, cartoon-ish effect.

Once the part had been finished and delivered in, the client said they were:

“…thoroughly satisfied with both the services [Fluxaxis] provided, and the end model.”

From receipt of the part, this piece was turned around in a matter of days.

Looking to get one of your parts finished, or looking to get your model produced. No matter how big or small, get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.

Our in-house paint department can achieve a variety of paint finishes as well as other techniques and processes including hydro dipping, electroplating and many more.