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Goodwood Car of the Future - Miniatures

We recently completed a project assisting with the build of three miniature versions of the 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed’s ‘Car of the Future’!

You may have seen the project completed by our sister company, Stage One, over the summer. The original car was the imaginative creation of 6-year-old Harry Ingram and featured a nozzle to extract dirty air and use it to power the car; ice cream holders; and a dispenser that issues clothes and food to the homeless.

Safety features included a tank of water for extinguishing fires and a plethora of sensors.

The client was so pleased with the end result, they commissioned three miniature versions to be made and presented to those involved in the original project, including designer, Harry.

We assisted with various elements of both projects. In the summer, the rear badge and parts of the aerial for the full-sized car were 3D printed using our Stratasys Fortus 250mc. For the three miniature versions, we printed various interior elements including the ice creams and holder, the hose ends, the tyres, steering wheel and the seats. We used our HP MJF 4200 to produce the tiniest parts which were then finished off in our scenic department before being assembled and shipped.

3D printing really lends itself to this kind of project, where we take a large part and scale it down, whilst retaining all the original detail. Creating detailed parts at this scale using traditional manufacturing methods would have been far more time consuming and expensive. Another win for Additive Manufacturing!