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We printed a series of fifty delicate, life-like leaves for a display at our client's main showroom. Using our HandyScan 700, we scanned a real leaf, as selected by our client.

After cleaning the scan with Zeiss colin3D and Magics, we printed fifty copies on our HP Multi Jet Fusion 4200. Both the HandyScan and the HP were ideal for this project, capturing and printing exceptional detail.

Although incredibly lightweight and brittle-looking, the printed leaves are surprisingly robust. The HP prints quickly, with a maximum print time of sixteen and a half hours. The cooling process generally takes around twenty-four hours, this extended period giving the nylon more time to anneal and so create stronger prints.

The leaves were chrome painted and displayed alongside a 3D printed wolf, also produced in our lab, this time on our large format Massivit 1800. Watch the video!