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Levis American Football Helmet

We have recently completed a visual merchandising print for global brand, Levis. Taking centre stage in their flagship store, this giant American Football helmet has been used to visually engage customers and highlight a new line of denimwear.

We printed the main 2 pieces on our Massivit 1800, which boasts a print capacity of 1500 x 1200 x 1800mm, making it ideal for printing large-scale items. We printed the face guard was printed on the Fortus 900mc, to ensure a high level of detail and durable finish. We printed 4 clips holding the 2 larger parts of the helmet together on the HP MJ Fusion 4200.

We printed the helmet in 7 pieces, taking a total of 45 hours. We then secured the parts together before sanding and priming. The primed helmet was then sent to the client StudioMakeCreate, to finish the project. Here it was painted in navy and adorned with the classic red Levis logo, before being installed on site.