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Michael Eden Sculptures

We produced these intricate pieces for artist, Michael Eden using our HP MJF technology.

We’ve worked with Michael before, most notably on producing the eighteen different sculptures for his 2018 ‘Form and Transform’ exhibition at Waddesdon Manor.

Already an established and well-respected potter, 3D printing has given Michael the freedom to create works that would be impossible with clay, the digital technology providing the only means of realising such complex and incredibly intricate designs.

Since the Waddesdon exhibition, we’ve produced numerous sculptures for Michael, all bar one produced on our HP Multi Jet Fusion 4200.

The MJF technology excels at capturing the exceptional detail of his work while the build size enabled each to be produced as a single print.

We finished seven of these with a soft-touch coating, using a variety of colours.

An additional, slightly bigger sculpture was printed using the larger format SLS technology. This was also printed as a single piece and then completed using a bespoke copper-plating process.

The pieces also included the 300mm tall ‘Sycamore’ sculpture which was given a technical copper finish, with a metallic black patina created by the artist himself.

We find working with Michael incredibly rewarding, his sculptures beautifully demonstrate the capabilities of our 3D printing technologies, in particular the fine detail rendered by our HP MJF.