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Personalised Commemorative Gift

Maritime company, Wärtsilä Voyage, approached us about producing a personalised commemorative piece using 3D printing, in honour of one of their colleagues, Graham, who had worked as one of their marine engineers for 14 years.

Graham spent most of his time with the company as a Product Development Manager, and was instrumental and the driving force in creating the companies Engine Room Simulator product; essentially replicating the environment of a real ship, with hardware and software being recreated for training mariners at schools and shipping companies all around the world.

The model that Wärtsilä Voyage provided was a replica of an engine control room main console, which included all the control and monitoring equipment for the ship’s main propulsion system.

The piece was printed using our HP Multi Jet Fusion and plated with a technical nickel finish. The model was then mounted to an acrylic base with Perspex box, with a central plaque in honour of Graham’s service to the company, produced all within the space of a week.