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Promotional Deer Moulds

We produced two master moulds for a promotional campaign for our clients Scott Fleary and Windsor Workshop. We worked in a similar method to our project with the client last year, when we created master moulds for their awareness campaign, ‘Make Blood Cancer Visible’, except this time we printed two Fawns. The client requested that the prints were delivered in sections, to aid their moulding technique.

As with last year’s project, we decided to use our Massivit 1800, which is ideal for producing low-cost prints, quickly. The client sent an STL file of the complete Fawn prints, each in a different pose, we then decided the best way to segment the design for printing, based on how quickly we could produce the project.

The entire project took just over one day to print, as we segmented the design to print each part in under an hour, due to the dual print heads of the Massivit, we were able to print similar parts simultaneously, for example; both torsos, both sets of legs, both heads at the same time. With the completed prints, the client has since used the printed moulds to create multiple polyurethane finished parts for their promotional campaign, which is being installed in multiple stores across the UK.