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Quercus Vase

This Quercus Vase, designed by well-respected potter Michael Eden, was printed as a single piece in Nylon PA12 on the HP Multi Jet Fusion, de-powdered and processed before getting electroplated in technical nickel, that artist Michael Eden then treated with a chemical process that aged the copper to have a more rustic final finish.

Previous work conducted with Michael Eden includes his 2018 ‘Form and Transform’ exhibition at Waddesdon Manor, for which Fluxaxis produced eighteen different sculptures using the same technology.

The additive manufacturing processes grant Michael Eden more freedom in the designing process; no longer restricted by certain limitations of traditional manufacturing methods. Particularly with the powder-based process of the HP Multi Jet Fusion, no matter how intricate he wants to the design to be, the technology is able to achieve it; not to mention that the material that the Multi Jet Fusion prints in (Nylon PA12) serves as a great basis for copper electroplating.

Both sculptures are now on display in The London Edit, a collaboration between Adrian Sassoon and Sotheby’s The Exhibition at the New Bond Street Galleries (running until November 6th)