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Rayvenn D'Clark at the Body + Soul Exhibition

We produced this sculpture for artist Rayvenn Shaleigha D’Clark as part of the Body + Soul exhibition, for which she was a contributing artist. The exhibition was held at One Canada Square in London, and aimed to explore materials, scale and consciousness in the representation of the human form.

We printed the piece on the Stratasys Fortus 900mc in White ASA at a 0.5mm layer height. It was split into 5 separate sections, which were printed in around 150 hours, before being bonded back together post-print.

Whilst the client provided the original scan data, we achieved the desired texture using our design software. No scenic treatment was required to finish the print, and the piece was left in it's natural form. The incorporation of 3D printing technology by D’Clark is revolutionary, with positive and striking results. Watch the video!