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Ready, Steady, Safety!

We recently completed a fun and creative 3D printing project for our client Pilgrim's UK, Britain’s biggest higher welfare pig farmer and producer of sustainably produced quality pork products.

Pilgrim's UK tasked some of their employee’s children to draw various characters as part of a campaign to introduce three new Health & Safety mascots. The characters will bring to life the Pilgrim's UK key message: Ready, Steady, Safe.

Each of the mascots are sporting different work wear and represent different aims, Hayden Hazzard (green), Risky Rowan (orange) and Sammy Safety (blue).

We received the client’s 2D designs which we then turned into full colour data 3MS files using ZBrush and KeyShot CAD software. We printed the colourful characters on the HP Multi Jet Fusion 580, using Nylon PA12 material. This machine has a layer height of 0.08mm, meaning we were able to create highly detailed prints, this machine also prints in full colour, allowing us to capture the vibrancy of the designs quickly and accurately. We applied a clear lacquer coating to the prints, giving them a high shine finish, this helped boost the colours and make the bright and colourful designs pop. We produced five of each design, and the finished products were then awarded to the children who had helped create them before being rolled out across the company as part of their engaging Health & Safety campaign, with the aim of imbedding ‘safety is a condition’ throughout the business.

We love producing fun projects like this and our 3D printing service allows us to create intricate and colourful prints from concept through to completion!