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Soap Opera Props

We were asked to produce a range of 3D printed props including door furniture and a series of golf club heads for a national television soap opera. We scanned the club heads using our HandySCAN 700, then printed them on our HP Multi Jet Fusion printer. Our specialist finishing team sprayed the club heads with a chrome-look paint, before hand-painting the detail.

Printed on our HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printer, the golf club heads were life-like, strong, yet light – important qualities as the selected prop was used to strike an actor during a pivotal and dramatic moment.

As this soap opera is filmed partly on location and real homes are often used for exterior shots. Ensuring continuity can present problems and for this particular scene, a distinctive front door was to be destroyed in a collision with an actor. The original door was removed, the clenched fist door knocker, antique handle and ‘Private’ sign were scanned and replicas printed on our HP MJF. These were then fixed to a replica door created by the television props department.