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Stockeld Park Restoration

We were approached by the estate manager of Stockeld Park near Wetherby with a request to undertake some repair work on a set of ornamental deer heads that had sustained damage during the 2020 lockdown.

Stockeld Park Deer Head

Using the undamaged ornament, both units were brought to our facilities in Tockwith where they were 3D scanned using the HandySCAN 700. From the scan data, we took the footprint of the antlers and mapped it onto the damaged unit. The antlers were then reproduced in Nylon PA12 on our HP Multi Jet Fusion; perfect to recreate cost efficiently and deal with the intricate shape without the need for excessive support. The Nylon properties also made it ideal for an outdoor environment.

Once fully formed, both ornaments were stripped of their original, weathered paint finish, and given a brand new coat.

Additive manufacturing offered an efficient solution to repair these antique ornaments using 3D scanning and powder-based fusion technology. The ornaments are now immortalised in digital form, meaning that if both sustained damage in the future, our client would have the 3D scan to reference for any required repair work.

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