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Virtual Vessels

Earlier in the year, we had the pleasure of working with artist Fabric Lenny in 3D printing and scenically painting a series of bespoke ceramic-inspired art pieces.

Each of the four sculptures were individually designed by four different families, who had attended a series of workshops, run by Fabric Lenny, in order to create their pieces using a combination of digital technology and Virtual Reality (VR) painting.

Following the workshops and discussions with each family, Fabric Lenny then refined the VR sculpts before they were printed and finished to a high specification using the latest in 3D printing and painting finishing technologies.

To capture the detail and textures of the original work, the models were printed using the HP Jet Fusion 4200 at 200mm tall, with the 0.08mm layer height offering the highest possible resolution for pieces of this scale.

Each piece was then finished in a different colour based on the conversations that Fabric Lenny had had with the designers, utilising a combination of Gloss and Soft Touch finishes, while carefully preserving the finer details of the model, as well as offering a nice, smooth, premium finish.

The finished pieces are now on display within the ceramics cabinets at Cannon Hall Museum.

Make sure to check out more of Fabric Lenny’s work on his website.

Jago – The Pigsie Dragon Fabric Lenny & The Williams-Brown Family
The Ship of SunknessFabric Lenny & The Roberts-Perry Family
Elephant-Owl TotemFabric Lenny & The Mangham Family
BooshkiFabric Lenny & The Ie Roux Family