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3D Scanning.

Don't have a 3D file? Fluxaxis has you covered. 3D Scanning is an important part of our 3D printing services. With our two scanners, we can create a printable 3D model for you by scanning an existing object, either on-site at Fluxaxis' facilities or off-site wherever you need us.

Steinbichler Comet L3D Scanner

This extremely accurate 3D scanner generates very high resolution digitised 3D models of physical objects. The 3D scanner is quick to set up and fast at acquiring data using ‘Blue LED Technology’. It is ideal for applications such as: rapid manufacturing; design; mould and model making; reverse engineering; quality control / inspection; archaeology and documentation of art-historical objects.

HandySCAN 700 Portable 3D Scanner

This portable, hand-held scanner is accurate and fast. Often used in high-end inspections for tooling, mould-making and aerospace, it acquires data rapidly and is accurate up to 30um. The latest addition to our Lab, this kit will be used primarily for scanning large objects such as vehicles although we're sure it'll be well used for scanning items of all sizes.

Case Studies

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