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Here at Fluxaxis we are a one-stop shop. We don't just print your models. We can finish them too. Because we encounter such a broad range of projects, we need to be able to satisfy the equally broad range of variables and applications that our prints are used in. Here are just a few examples of the types of finishes that we can offer.


Metallise your 3D prints with a variety of electro-plated finishes, including nickel, copper, silver and gold. Perfect for SLA, SLS and MJF 3D prints.

Scenic Paint Finishing

Whether you are just after a simple, single colour finish in your company's brand colours, or a scenic textured finish to resemble wood, marble or metal, our scenic paint department have got you covered.


If you are after decorative patterns such as camouflage, carbon fibre, wood-grain or marble, or even something of your own design, hydro-dipping could be process for you.

Colour Dyeing

Get your parts dyed in a uniform colour with a range of colours to choose from. Also consider getting your parts vibro-finished or shot-peened for a more premium look. Suitable for SLS and MJF 3D printed parts.

Case Studies

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